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The World Bank estimates more than 1.7 million people in Lebanon now living under the poverty line, with 55% of households experiencing food shortages due to soaring prices.

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Organizations providing healthcare, shelter, food and general aid to those in need.

Food & Medical Aid

Shelter & Reconstruction

Education, Poverty & Domestic Abuse

Fund Raisers

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Job-related Initiatives

Connect local talent with remote work opportunities

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Of course.

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Thank you, but kindly no. The best way to help is by sharing it around.

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On exchange rate conversions

If converted at the official rate (1,500 LL/$), a donation of $100 would bring LL150,000 into the hands of beneficiaries, which buys them only a fraction of what it used to.

Prior to making a donation, it is best to reach out to the charity/organization and make sure they are transferring the donations as "fresh" cash and withdrawn as such by the local NGOs/beneficiaries.

Donations converted at the old exchange rate are simply NOT worth it.

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